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The music is what matters most...

nicestupidplayground's first demo was released in mid 1993 titled "of course we didn't...". It was a colaboration with Les Paul Music Studio. It was released as a split demo with Mr. Wilson's Garden (Mady's ex-Faded Face & Charles' nicestupidplayground side project band)which also featured Charles on guitar/vocals.

of course we didn't... (1993)
songs featured
1. Something like that
2. Makes Everything
3. Cut runs deep


nicestupidplayground's second demo "My life is my parents' biggest TV" was recorded in 1994 at Sutera Music.

My life is my parents' biggest TV (1994)
songs featured
1. Shampoo your head
2. Flu in the morning
3. Drain dance
4. Do Re Mi
5. My life is my parents' biggest TV


This is nicestupidplayground's third demo "Thirtyzeroeight" which made a pretty serious impact on the band as it was a brave attempt for the band to approach record companies with a raw and an experimental material fresh from the land of the headhunter. This demo was send to Positive Tone in 1996 and they immediately offered a one compilation album contract to the band.

Thirtyzeroeight (1995)
songs featured
1. I wanna be a millionaire
2. She Wants
3. Bedroom Window
4. ...and I don't admire the things you do


In 1997, a long awaited compilation called "boys & girls 1+1=3" was finally out. This album went platinium and also won The Best English Artiste at the 1997 AIM Awards.

nicestupidplayground tracks on this compilation are:
1. She Wants
2. Bedroom Window
3. ...and I don't admire the things you do



prior to the recording of the compilation album, nicestupidplayground however released a B-side demo titled "Girlfriday" consist of some experimental materials.

Girlfriday (Nov 1995)
songs featured
1. Purple F in my head
2. Swinging Hair
3. It must be you


2000 saw the released of nicestupidplayground full lenght album titled "my life is my parents' biggest television" which the title is taken from their second demo. the first single from this album is "stereogirl" followed by "two".
my life is my parents' biggest television (2000)
songs featured
1. stereogirl
2. girlfriday
3. what if it rains
4. ballistic
5. adult life
6. two
7. favourite
8. nineteen
9. discouraged
10. thank you